Panel Forward (both as itself and through previous Kitplane Builders projects) has worked on a variety of panel projects. We're pleased to share the following with you.

Rotorway JetExec. This was the first installation of an MGL Avionics Odyssey in a Rotorway JetExec helicopter that we know of. The work included making integrating the Odyssey with the turbine engine as well as custom manufacturing of a collective control unit per the customer's specifications.

Odyssey installed on Rotorway JetExec

BushCaddy R80 AULA. The customer will be using this aircraft for bush flying, however the all-in-one MGL Odyssey fits the bill as a competent EFIS, moving map/GPS, EMS system that's light-weight and robust. It's monitoring a Rotax 912 upfront.

F1 Rocket #1 Nico has a Crossflow engine and a Garmin/Dynon stack. He uses the Dynons for flight and engine info and the Garmin provides NAV/COM/GPS into a GMX200 MFD.

F1 Aircraft Panel

F1 Rocket #2 Bill has dual Dynons performing essentially the same task as Nico. The output of the 496 is slaved into the Trutrak autopilot.

F1 Aircraft Panel

Midget Mustang Jack's panel doesn't have a lot of room so the COM is actually located at the pilot's right hand on the side of the aircraft cockpit. A Dynon D180 provides flight and engine information. The GPS is an AVMap and the output guides a Trio Avionics autopilot.

RV7This RV7 panel is centered around an MGL Odyssey the design of a removable panel as well as the map box.

Glastar #1Ian's panel (photo coming soon) has Grand Rapids displays integrated with a Garmin COM and Transponder and a TruTrak autopilot.

Glastar #2A good panel for single-pilot VFR operation. The MGL Odyssey keeps things light but bright with a lot of information available.

Murphy Rebel #1A simple stright forward 6 pack variation offering more information and engine monitoring for VFR operation. The MGL Velocity singles keeps things lighter then standard analog guages and usually more affordable than good quality traditional instruments.

Murphy Rebel #2A A higher end panel featuring a AFS4500 as the main EFIS system. This panel also has a Garmin radio stack and utilizes a Garmin 696 as a panel mouneted GPS.

Lancair replacement panelA This is a replacement sub-panel that we did for a Lacair. The customer wanted to add a Dynon HS34 HSI expansion module to the existing panel. We were able to keep the existing dimensions and fit in the additional Dynon module with some rearranging. See the original panel and then the new panel with the Dynon HS34. Hopefully a photo of the panel with all the remaining components installed to follow shortly.