Amateur-Built/Experimental Panels

Building a kitplane but unsure of what you really need and what the latest technology is? Or purchasing one that needs a major overhaul? Upgrading to IFR?

We can help you.

Our panel experts will work with you to get to options and recommendations regarding your panel design. First, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire (available here) that let's us know what you've already thought of and what types of other systems are installed on the aircraft. Then we work with you to purchase the right equipment, cut the panel and install the avionics, test them and ensure that you can easily install them. Need help installing or perhaps removing a panel? We'll come to you and help you out.

We've installed systems by MGL Avionics, Dynon, Grand Rapids (GRT), Garmin, ICOM, and many others. Please check the projects for an idea of the variety of panel elements we've worked on.