Firewall Forward Services

For a lot of builders and owners the most daunting task next to the panel installation is installing and plumbing the aircraft engine. PanelForward has installation people ready to help you out with:

  • Traditional Aircraft Engines: Lycoming, Continental, Superior
  • Light Aircraft: Rotax, Jabiru
  • Automotive Adaptations: Crossflow
  • Turbine: JetExec Rotorway Installations, P&W

We also use our time at Oshkosh and other tradeshows to stay on top of trends regarding ignition systems, FADEC and EMS systems.

In addition to the engine installation, we also work with your cowling to optimize airflow for cooling purposes. So even if you've mounted your own engine, we can assist with installing engine systems and cooling shrouds.

Pleasecontact us for more information on how we can assist you with choosing and installing an experimental aircraft powerplant.